Heugatter Auction

Services, LLC

Over 20 Years Experience

Heugatter Auction Services, LLC

Over 20 Years Experience

Heugatter Auction Services, LLC stands behind our name with pride and honesty. We have been in business for over twenty years, bringing our customers satisfaction and outstanding service.

We specialize in Farm Equipment Auctions, but we also do Estate Auctions, Cattle Auctions, Benefit Auctions, Equipment Appraisals, and more. If we can help you, just email or call us!

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My name is Allen Heugatter, and I am the owner and auctioneer. I started this company with the intention of providing my customers with an honest and superb auction service. With my name attached to my company, I can promise you a fair, honest and excellent auction. My name stands behind it!


Realizing the need for a “customer first” auction service, Heugatter Auction Services was founded with a commitment to professionalism and integrity. Our staff has the philosophy of providing their personal best to our clients.


Research shows that 90 percent of an auction is based on marketing capabilities of the auctioneer. The real work is done well in advance of the first bid! We conduct a wide range of pre-auction marketing campaign. Prospective markets are targeted well in advance of the all important auction date to assure a prime audience of ready bidders.


We take a personal interest in each auction we conduct. Heugatter Auction Services provides a profitable and positive outcome for the seller. We strive to get you the highest return possible for your assets.

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